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GRANKOCCINO – granko (cocoa), sugar, hot milk foam 0,2 l

CHOCOCCINO – hot cocoa, sugar, chocolate sirup 0,2 l

KIDS LATTE – hot milk foam 0,2 l

FLAVOURED LATTE – hot milk foam, flavour sirup 0,2 l

– hazelnut, vanilla, coconut, caramel, chocolate


  • TEAS

    Beside all fruit and Rooibos teas (on previous pages), we offer also special teas in smaller amount of 0,2 l to our youngest ones:


Strawberry Popcorn (fruit tea) 0,2 l

– apple pieces, papaya, raisins, beetroot, strawberry pieces, popcorn

Sweat Belly (herbal tea) 0,2 l

– anise, sweet-fennel, apple, hibiscus, cinnamon, wineberry leaf, raisins

Little African (rooibos massai) 0,2 l

– herbal tea from South Africa with honey aroma and sweet taste, caffeine-free. Flavoured
with lemon and honey.