Since the end of the 19th century the family of Jose Ruiz has focused on coffee production in the area of Boquete-Panama. Several generations devotedtheirlife togrowingoftraditional coffee speciesby the „shade tree growing method“ which allows the coffee bushes to grow in their natural environment, in harmony with other plants and animals. Although this method does not enable production in such quantities as a monoculture method (creating plantations through cutting trees, growing high-productive hybrid varieties), it helps to preserve the ecological richness of this farm. CAFE RUIZ is a registered trade mark of the Casa Ruiz, SA Company, representing thehigh-endquality roastedcoffeeaccordingtointernational standards. Casa Ruiz was the first producer of Panama coffee to obtain the ISO 9001 Quality System Certification in 2000 and ISO 14001 EnvironmentalCertificationin2004.Agroupoflocalsworkshardtoensure the specified quality parameters. The Casa Ruiz Company recognizes the key role ofthese people in achieving its goals, and therefore supports their educationalandself-realisationefforts.Theplantationownersarenotonly motivated by the prospect of income, they also care about social needs of people standing behind their success. The combination of eco-friendly techniques with the ISO Quality System Management and Environmental Management enables them to produce top-quality coffee.

Thecoffeeyouaredrinkingisamixtureofthreedifferentcoffeespecies growing in the mountains of Boquete – all of them being of „GOURMET“ quality. The coffee beans are mixed, roasted in two different ways (so-called dark and very dark roasting) and then mixed again. The result is a coffee with brisk acidity and soft, syrup-like taste with a hint of chocolate flavour, with marks of bittersweet tones in your mouth. In the pictures on the wall you see the enviroment of Boquete, coffee tree plantations, coffee beans maturation, harvesting, processing and Mr. Ruiz himself. You  can watch the coffee bean from its birth, the places it  had seen and the people it had met before it ended up in your cup.



Prepared in the same way as ESPRESSO, from 7 g of coffee, but with smaller
amount of water – 20 ml, which makes its taste „stronger“.


Prepared from 7g of coffee and 30 ml of water.


Simply a double amount of coffee – 14 g, double amount of water – 60 ml.


Prepared as ESPRESSO from 7 g of coffee but with more water (up to 80 ml).


Served in 120 ml cups, prepared from ESPRESSO with added milk and milk foam in
following ratio: 1/3 of ESPRESSO, 1/3 of milk and 1/3 of milk foam.


Served in 200 ml glass, composed of 150 ml of hot milk with foam and 50 ml of


All types of coffee may be ordered also as a decaff.




CAPPUCINO (7g of coffee, milk, milk foam, flavour sirup)

flavours: caramel, chocolate, hazelnut, almond amaretto (non-alcoholic), vanilla, kokos

LATTE MACCHIATO (7g of coffee, hot milk with foam, flavour sirup)

flavours: caramel, chocolate, hazelnut, almond amaretto (non-alcoholic), vanilla, kokos



Milk 25 ml
Cream 25 ml
Honey 10 g
Brown Sugar 10 g
Caramel 25 ml
Whipped Cream 15 g